FCS Manufacturers Cup


Chemistry is invited to compete for the title of best board maker in the FCS Manufacturers Cup. The Cup will be held in Huntington Beach on Nov. 14th. We will competing against 7 other board makers in this tag team event.

FCS image

The FCS Manufacturers Cup provides a competition for surfboard manufacturers to compete against each other to determine the No.1 board maker.
Under the popular tag team format each company will submit 4 surfers (two staff members and two team riders of their choice). Each surfer on the team must catch three waves and then return to the beach and tag the next surfer. Heat duration is one hour with bonus point awarded to the final surfer if they return to the tag area before time runs out.

The following teams are on tap to compete:
Timmy Patterson
Surf Prescriptions
Sharp Eye

The Chem Team is ready!
-Cheyne Magnusson – team
-Chris Abad – team
-Jason Bennett – staff
-Willie Smith – staff