Injured My A$$


First of all, a big congratulations to Kelly Slater for winning stop #2 of the ASP World Tour, The Rip Curl Pro. Bells Beach remains one of the most iconic surf spots and ringing that Bell has to be one of the best feelings ever.

About his whole injury thing, I’m calling a bluff. I give credit where credit is due and Slater was absolutely ripping harder than I’ve seen him do in a while. He looked tack sharp and was super progressive. I was thinking he had lost a step watching him at Snapper this year. My claim is this: the apparent “injury” arrived shortly before his heat against Dusty Payne, (one of the most exciting surfers in the world, young, a rookie, etc…). If Kelly lost to Dusty there would be a bunch of crap circulating how Kelly is getting old, changing of the guard, he cant keep up with “this” new school, etc… So with the injury a loss would have warranted a “but he was hurt. On the other hand he is a hero, drama included. Also in one of his interviews he claimed the doctor found no broken bones and he thought that there were some tears in ligaments. In a later interview he claimed the doctor saw a break, or fracture, something. Same doctor? Who knows.
That’s it. My rant for the day. Slater is ripping! Check the vid.