Blake Jones – Down and Out


Hey Everyone,

As some of you know, I did a recent trip to Nicaragua to try to get some footage and try to make one of these Innersection videos and on the 4th day I got clipped by the lip in the barrel resulting in my back foot being compressed into my board and my foot rolled inward and popped. Most ankle sprains/breaks roll outward. It happened last Tuesday and I returned home on Friday night and went and got some x rays.

Today I went to get an MRI so the results came back and this is what ended up happening.

Fractured my Fibula right near the ankle
I have a chip fracture of my Distal Tibia right near the ankle
As well as an ATF Ligament Sprain

Tomorrow I go to an Orthopedic Dr first thing in the morning, he is a family friend and understands my situation with surfing and how important having ligaments 100% is to the sport and athletes in general. That being said he will let me know if I need to just wait it out, or get surgery. The doctor I saw today said surgery usually wouldn’t be necessary but the fact that I am an athlete it might be highly recommended. I will keep everyone posted when I know more. Hope everyone is doing well.