Blake Jones and The King Of The Peak


This blog is a little late so it may be old news to some. I want to first thank the Jones family for the hospitality that was above and beyond what I expected. Kristin and Demos Jones really know how to treat guests and make you feel right at home. Experiencing first hand what Blake’s world at home is like made me realize how hard it must be for him to leave. On top of the Jones residence being paradise, Sands and Downtown Melbourne were great places to spend the evenings drinking with the crew.

Everyone from Florida expresses how wave starved they are and I didn’t get a chance to see that downside as there were waves the whole time. The first day of the event had some pretty harsh weather conditions but after that it was really mellow and fun surf. I even got a chance to get the Inlet wedge at First Peak the last day I was there with no one out. Blake didn’t have the best result in the event but had a couple of memorable waves. It also didn’t help that his first day heat was in the horrible conditions. Congratulations to Aaron Cormican on an impressive amount of skins and the event win. He narrowly won over Evan Thompson who was ripping the whole event.

Getting inverted

I also got the privilege to hang with a long lost friend and future SouthEast sales rep, Phillip Watters. His father works for the PGA and we spent a day at the PGA Golf Club chasing golf balls around a beautiful Pete Dye designed course. Phillip was the better golfer that day and took home the golfer of the day award. While Blake won the long drive award by consistently bombing solid drives.

Blake and Phillip Jets

All in all it was a great, memorable trip. I would go back in a heartbeat. Thanks Blake!

Sitting down to a nice catfish dinner