Cheyne’s First Session in Hawaii


Cheyne Magnusson had his first session in over two years today at Backdoor and his first session in Hawaii so far. It wasn’t super crowded and the North swell made the rights super hollow. Cheyne was lucky to be able to pick off the gem of the session.

Not many guys have the ability to hop right off the plane into overhead Backdoor Pipe and get the good ones. Mike Gleason shot us a text psyching that Cheyne got a good one right away. Hopefully this is a good sign and Cheyne will score the rest of his time in the Islands. Stay tuned for more updates from Cheyne in Hawaii.

Cheyne Slotted at Backdoor
Cheyne getting tubed on his 6’1 1/2 C. Mags model.
Photo by Brandon Bowden

Crusing through a thickie
Water shot by Jeremiah Klein

Doing his best to not get blinded by the sun through the curtain
Photo by Damea Dorsey

Cheyne with Dusty and Kaiborg