It Snows in Jersey?


According to Adam Holloway, co-owner of BareWires in Long Branch and Spring Lake, NJ got hit with the most snowfall ever during the last blizzard. People who are not willing to pull out the shovel are stuck in there homes, and the State & Local budget shortfall is causing a major shortage in snow plows. Leaving most of the roads through neighborhoods looking like a post apocalyptic frozen tundra. That may be a little exaggerated due to my experience with harsh weather (none), but I hear it was pretty extreme.

Since I’m used to the relatively nice weather of Southern California I’m pretty intrigued by the harshness of the NorthEast winters. So I’m going to put on a little contest for those who are bored and stuck in their homes.


1. Go outside and take a photo of your car, house, street, whatever under snow. The more extreme the better.

2. Send it to

3. I will choose the best photo and send the owner a little prize pack (Tee, Sticker Pack, and Chem Leash). I will also post the photo on the site.

Pretty easy.

Cool Time lapse of blizzard, Belmar, NJ