Tools of the Trade


There are so many differentt tools that go into building a board. Over the years I have collected a ton. It seems like you can always find a better way to finish a board. Ether I’m going to Home depot or making a custom block out of foam with some old sponge. It’s funny because I seem to never get rid of the old ones, they keep pilling up in the corner of my room. I feel maybe one day I will go back to them. Anyway all these little tools have help me fine tune my boards to where they are now. Most these tools are not worth over 5 dollars but there priceless to me.

assorted tools
Saw | Rasp | Scissors

sanding with custom screen
Finishing Sponge

woodblock tool
Block Plane

surfboard sanding block
Sanding Block

surfboard tool measuring fin placement
Measuring Tape

surfboard order card
Order Card | Tail Art

Photos: Scott Seiver