Fight99 by Jason Bennett


This was a beat I made for a part in the 5th Symphony Document for Jeremy Heit and myself. I produced it at my old apartment in Oceanside back in 2001. Chad Campbell the director of the movie wanted something unique for our part and asked if I could come up with something for the soundtrack. This was what I came up with, it’s one of the first beats I ever made and it’s a little rough. I thought I would share it with you all anyway. Chad and Andy did a great job with the movie, it went on to win Surfer Magazine video of the year.

5th Symphony Document Cover

About 5th Symphony Document
A movie about surfers and a rediscovery of the wandering spirit of surf filmmaking, the 5th Symphony Document takes us on a soulful journey around the world to capture the very essence of surfing and the people who love it . This movie features a killer soundtrack and is a must have for anyone interested great surfing in exotic locales. Awards: Surfer Magazine Video of the Year 2001 Starring: Shane Dorian, Ben Brough, Conan Hayes, Mikala Jones, Greg Browning, Kelly Slater, CJ Kanuha, Rob Machado, Darieus Legg, Justin Souter, Maz Quinn, Jason Bennett, Jeremy Heit, Kassia Meador, Tom Carroll, Ross Williams, Joe Curren, Tom Curren Locations: New Zealand, Australia, United States, California, Hawaii, Mexico Featuring music by: EPQ, Erin McKeown, Infectious Organisms, Little Doc Thornton, Liz Capra, Pepper, Arena Productions, Exit Human, The Five Points Band, Forest Sun, Gene Lubin, Rad Bones, Bargain Music, Red Whyte, I Decline Directed by: Andy Carlson and Chad Campbell