The Good Sh*t!


Phonte and 9th Wonder. They are not back working together but Phonte shared this old unreleased track on his SwiftFM page. He also shared a pretty good sized catalog of other unreleased records. Well worth a listen. Phonte is by far one of the smoothest MCs out there, not to mention the wiz 9thWonder producing his beats. He say about the following track, “From ’99: the 1st jam me and 9thWonder EVER recorded, in all its cringeworthy backpacker glory.”
This was all before Little Brother there was G.I.M.M.I.E. Phonte, Big Pooh, Chaundon, and 9thWonder on the beat. Worth a listen for sure.

G.I.M.M.E. – Paper Lines

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