Chemistry New Eras | Coming Soon!


Chemistry New Eras are set to arrive by the second week of June and the anticipation is killing us. We were excited when we got the news that we were one of the first surfboard companies to be excepted to take part in a New Era collaboration, and now that excitement has gotten out of hand waiting for their arrival. We are offering 2 styles this season, a snap back and a 59/50 fitted. The 59/50 is made of recycled fabric and the snapback is made of the traditional New Era wool.
We are now accepting preorders on the FITTED and the SNAPBACK that will ship upon their arrival and no later than 6/15!

Blake Jones with the New Era Recycled Gray Fitted 59/50

Collective artist scott seiver wearing the Recycled gray new era

new era recycled gray fitted cap

New Era Black Snap Back Icon

New Era Black Snap Back icon

New Era Snap Back Black Icon

Cheyne Magnusson with the Recycled Gray Fitted cap

Chris Abad in the Recycled gray fitted cap

abad and his fruit in the recycled cap