Surf Ride Spring Fever Demo Pics and Video


Hopefully you had chance to make it down to Seaside Reef this past weekend for Surf Ride’s Spring Fever Surfboard and Wetsuit Demo. A bunch of cool brands showed up to showcase their newest products all of which the public could demo in fun waist high surf. People got a chance to demo a lot of our models like the Tron, Beaker, Disk, Throwback, Quantum Theory, and the new MegaTron. Some of which were in different constructions like Fiberflex and Hydroflex. Some of the other notable companies that were showcasing their products were Power Balance, Go Pro, Famous, Xcel Wetsuits, FCS, and Transworld. One of our personal favorites was Acouztic which offered a water resistant and mountable flashlight/MP3 player with external speaker.
Chemistry’s Scott Seiver came down to the event and snapped a bunch of nice photos of some of the other brands products and the surf. If you missed it, make sure you go to the next one which Surf Ride said they were stoked to start planning.
We would like to thank the Surf Ride staff for making this fun event possible and including us. It sure beats standing around in an air conditioned convention center for a typical Expo. We look forward to more great times at the next one.

Check out the rest of Seiver’s pics here.

Spring Fever Flyer 2