SF Road Trip (Coldwater and Cutbacks)


The crew of Jason Bennett, Willie Smith, Thomas Clarke, and Eric Warner headed north to the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area to enjoy some good fall swell and watch the World Tour guys do battle. With swell every day, all time weather, and Slater winning his 11th title; there was plenty to do. We were fortunately busy on the road and left everyone hanging on the blog updates from SF. After “SF Road Trip Day 1”, we were caught up surfing all day and chillin’ at night, leaving no time for blogging or updates. Jason had the Instagram updates flowing but we definitely lagged on the web content. Here it all is together, days 2 thru 6, video clips, and photos. Here is a force-fed version of the complete trip. We didn’t score perfection, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

Thanks to Wyatt Fields and Bud Freitas for the great hospitality.