Testing Ryan Burch’s Asymmetrical Creation


We have been extremely happy to have the chance to have such an enthusiastic and creative guy like Ryan Burch shape in our facility. You never know what you are going to see come out of his shaping bay when he is there and not surfing somewhere in the world. Great energy surrounds the kid and we love having him around.

Recently Ryan shaped me another asymmetrical surfboard. This time he went with a more conventional shortboard nose and added a 4th fin box as a trailer. After the first board he made me, which is the same concept (built for a goofyfoot, riding a Twin Fin on frontside, and a quad on backside), I wanted something not so fishy and more high performance. I loved the speed and glide on my frontside that the Twin Fin provided, as well as the drive and projection that the quad had on my backside, but I felt there could be more done to help control all that speed. Burch brought in the tail to eliminate the drift, added a high performance shortboard nose, and installed a slightly offset trailer. The results have been awesome. Still has the speed and drive, but pivots well off the bottom. I have had the chance to give it a go in both small gutless surf and chest to head high surf (both beachbreak Oceanside), and I’ve been impressed. The fin setup I have been running with is the SA1 quads on my backhand and the MRTX twin fin on my frontside. Both stabilized by a VS nubster pivot fin in the trailer box.

If you see me in the water and happen to be a goofyfoot, don’t hesitate to ask for a test drive. Meanwhile, check out the pics.

Burch’s Surfline Shaper’s Alley Profile

The new Asymm’s outline.

Tail profile including the new Chem traction.

Fin set up.

Side profile of the eclectic mix of fins.


Bottom curve, note the different rockers.

Offset center fin with VS nubster pivot.

A Chemistry Collaboration.

RWB “Asymm Shred Machine”

The original asymm project.