The Chemistry Experience


The Chemistry Experience is a quick journey into what we are and who we are by highlighting our various signature products and the many faces who use them. We continue our pursuit to provide like minded people the products needed to uphold the lifestyle. The look and feel may be the same but the “Experience” is always different.

Filmed by: Eric Warner, Scott Smith, Willie Smith, Chris Abad, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex DePhilipo, Blake Michel, Kevin Jansen, and Corey Frank
Edited by: Eric Warner
Musical Score by: Coper
Surfers: Cheyne Magnusson, Mike Gleason, Willie Smith, Will Reid, Thomas Clarke, Jason Bennett, Saxon Boucher, Todd Prestage, Pat Schmidt, and Chris Abad

Signature Products Featured:
Chemistry x Pro-Lite Traction Pad
Chemistry x Cpt. Fin Collab 2
Chem Cord
Chem Signature Wax