From now through Christmas, all online customs will receive a gift from us at Chemistry… Continue reading

“We took our Wide J 6 model and modified the double wings to slight double bumps, giving the board a more forgiving feel while keeping the desired straighter outline. Continue reading

Fall is here and the doldrums of summer are finally behind us. Continue reading

Our new edit “Labor Of Love” showcases our beloved Oceanside, the board making process, and the new factory. Continue reading

Caroline Marks and crew head to Bali for Surfing Mag’s Grom Games. Continue reading

Volcom riders Balaram Stack and Pat Schmidt ain’t scared of cold weather. Or cold water. Or brainfreeze or frostbite or hypothermia. Continue reading

1. Caroline Marks
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To celebrate International Surfing Day 2016 & the summer solstice Chemistry Surfboards and People Under The Stairs have teamed up to create a limited edition package conceived over a series of beach, beer and beat sessions. Each package includes: Continue reading

Whether you are planning on taking a surf trip down to baja, mainland Mexico, or on a 24 hour flight to Indonesia this summer, you want to make sure you bring the right boards for the types of waves you will be surfing. Continue reading

“Common Ground” features different walks of life, coming together on their journey of Just Passing Through. Continue reading