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Minion - 6' 4" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 41.5L - Futures

The minion model is our latest addition to our small wave line.
The minion model was spawned from wanting to put an ultra easy small wave paddler into the Chemistry lineup. This model replaces your need for a longboard when the surf is sub par. The fuller round nose makes this board ultra friendly to the novice surfer, while still maintaining performance for the more advance surfer to “cheat” in small waves. The outline is pulled in towards the tail making this board easy to whip around, while the double barrel to vee gives it a pivot point to turn off of. We suggest you order this model 2-4” shorter than your normal shortboard. Equipped with a 5 fin set up, this gives you plenty of fin options to keep you in the water on the slow days.
Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 1-5 ft
Movability 4/5
Paddle Power 5/5
Length: -Not selected-
Length 6' 4"
Width 22 1/2"
Thickness 2 3/4"
Volume 41.5L
Glassing Standard
Tailshape Rounded Squash
Fin Layout Five
Blank Type PU
Logo Placement Standard
Rail Shape Middle
Fin System Left Futures
Fin System Trailer Left Futures
Fin System Centre Futures
Fin System Trailer Right Futures
Fin System Right Futures
Fin Colour Left White
Fin Colour Trailer Left White
Fin Colour Centre White
Fin Colour Trailer Right White
Fin Colour Right White
Glassing Cloth Standard
Channels No Channels
Extras: None
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