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Quantum Theory

For the Quantum Theory we wanted to step away from the traditional bottom contours of current high performance shortboards.
The bottom is a very slight single concave which then feeds into a pronounced vee through the tail. Along with the relatively soft forgiving rails, the vee makes this model one our most maneuverable to date. Gaining speed isn't an issue as it is fast down the line because of the flatter bottom and smooth rocker flow. Unlike deep concaved boards of today, the Quantum does not have that occasional "sticky" feeling while maneuvering in and out of turns. This model is equipped with a modern high performance outline, a standard nose width, and a slightly wider tail broken up by very subtle double bumps. This model works well in waves with a pocket that are moderate in size. It also has the tendency to want to "hug" the face.
Drive & speed 4/5
Wave height 3-8 ft
Movability 4/5
Paddle power 3/5
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