The Chem Zenagain


We are currently in the process of developing the Chem Zen II or as we call it, the “Chem Zenagain”. R&D will be going down over the next few months as we get ready to release it to the general public this coming Fall. We are fortunate enough to have Mike Gleason as a test pilot for the Chem Zenagain.

The Chem Zenagain has a 1/2″ more entry rocker, as well as 1/4″ more tail rocker. This will allow the board to fit better in steep tubing waves. It will still paddle great even with more rocker as there is a lot of “beef” in the chest area. The Chem Zenagain has a slightly wider tail than the previous Chem Zen, think more thumb and less pin. This will allow for the rider to come out of the tube and square off some turns. We removed the retro looking beak so the board will have a more traditional shortboard look. On the bottom are 4 channels. One big channel going down the center of the board, while two side channels that fade out of the middle of the board. This is going to allow water to “shoot” off the back of the board, maximizing speed. Below are a few sneak peak photos of the Chem Zenagain.



Notice the two side channels that do not fade out the back of the board.



The tail is slightly wider than the previous Chem Zen. Think more thumb, and less pin.



The first of many Chem Zenagains.