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Mid Mod

Chemistry's version of the Mid Length. Not a shortboard and not a longboard but something really fun in between.
Our own take on the Mid Length giving it a more modern Chemistry flavor. One of the most versatile models in the line that provides extra glide, maneuverability, and a very "cruisey" feel. The Mid Mod hold lots of volume from its midpoint forward which makes it an amazing paddler. More paddle power equals easy crowd navigation and enhanced wave catching ability. This model is by far the best longboard alternative we have ever produced that can be scaled down to shortboard lengths or sized up to more user friendly sizes and volumes. Traditionally the Mid Mod has been ordered with the pictured 2 + 1 fin set up using a longboard single box and side bites, but this model also works well as a Twin Fin. As a Twin you not only get extreme paddling ability but also the maneuverability of a big Fish. With all the waves the Mid Mod will help you catch on a daily basis, your friends may start to hate you, but that may be the trade off for having more fun.
Drive & speed 4/5
Wave height 1-7 ft
Movability 4/5
Paddle Power 5/5
Custom order
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Select surfboard size & see stock
Custom order ? Select this option for custom board dimensions. Please note, the shaper will try to get the volume as close as possible to requested size while maintaining the integrity of the board.
Vol (L)
Recommended sizes ? These are the recommended sizes developed, designed and hand crafted by the shaper. If variations are needed – please use these as a base for custom board dimensions.
Vol (L)
In stock ? These are boards that are currently available in stock sizes. Please note, ensure you check each model for customisations before purchasing.
Board size: -Not selected-
Tail shape: -Not selected-
Construction: -Not selected-
Glassing: -Not selected-
Fin layout: -Not selected-
Fin system: -Not selected-
Artwork: None
Tail patch: None
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