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Fish Surfboards

Here at Chemistry Surfboards it's no secret we enjoy the aesthetic of a traditional fish outline. The looseness, speed and novelty feel of big cruisey drawn out turns is timeless and a must have for every surfer. Whilst we have the option of a swallow tail for most our models there are three stand out choices if you want a fish surfboard feel.

Firsty, our Holiday model is a new addition to our small wave selection. This fish was built to speed down the line yet has a refined foil for high performance top to bottom surfing. The Holiday has a double concave to a single rocket channel off the tail. This assists rolling the board over from rail to rail while giving it some bite so it doesn’t feel too loose. The Holiday has a mellow rocker, with a wider nose, and the midpoint forward making it an excellent paddler for surfers of all skill levels. This board can be ordered in a variety of fin setups. From a twin fin with a trailer, to a straight quad fin, or even a traditional high performance thruster.

Next is our original twin model The PS2, this is Pat Schmidt's twin fin model. This board was designed to fill the gap where a high performance board is not ideal for sub par surf. Built for speed, the ps2 is fast, making it Pat’s go to board whether he is surfing small mushy waves, or head high hollow surf. This model has low entry rocker making it a great paddler, and excels down the line on lined up point break style waves.

Last but not least we present The Robotwo. We wanted to offer our customers an alternative fish that has high performance characteristics to add to their quiver. The Robotwo is your go to fish when you are surfing below average waves, or waves that call for something other than your high performance shortboard. This fish has a single concave to deep double barrel concave all the way through the semi deep swallow tail. The tail also has a unique outline from 18” back which pulls the tail in, and creates a more aesthetically pleasing tail compared to your standard retro fish. Completed with a five fin set up, choose to ride your Robotwo as either a thruster, quad, or twin fin.

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