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2012 Ether Model

New for 2012, we introduce our quickest and most high performance board to date. Designed with a mellow entry rocker for maximum planing speed that feeds into a very extended tail rocker. With 3/8″ more tail rocker than any of our other models, this board excels in the pocket and is lighting fast rail to rail. Through our extensive R&D on this model we found it works best in 4ft + waves that have some pocket. With a flatter deck and boxier rails you will be able to go 1/8″ to 1/4″ thinner than your normal thickness. This will allow you to be closer to the water and gain more control of your board without losing paddling power. Equipped with a swallow tail, you will get the full amount of rail line in your desired length while it also gives the board that extra bite that takes its performance to the next level. Enjoy!

Jason Bennett: “I’m proud to introduce the newest member in our board family, the Ether. When designing this model I wanted it to not only be a quick board in the pocket but also have an extremely fast response time. I ended up adding 3/8″ more tail curve than any of our other models. By making the tail rocker adjustment, I found this really helped the board work in the pocket the way I envisioned. I also wanted a model that would enable you to get the same paddle power as your standard thickness but perform like a thinner, more sensitive board. I flattened the deck and added a good amount of thickness flow from nose to tail. I was able to go 3/16″ thinner than my normal thickness which gave me the sensation that my feet where closer to the water. With the board being thinner it also gave me more control without losing paddle power. I have been riding this model almost every day this winter and having a blast. I found it works best in waves slightly above waist high and bigger. Overall, it is the most high performance board I have produced.”

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