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Welcome to the world of Cursive

For 17 years Chemistry Surfboards has been known worldwide as a high performance shortboard brand. We wanted to offer you something completely different than what we have been building over the last decade. Cursive is that brainchild brought to life. Our loyal customer base now has access to a line of classic retro shapes designed by Jason Bennett. There are currently six unique designs to choose from. These boards are constructed the traditional way which includes cut lap resin tints, glossed and polished finishes, and hand-foiled glass on fins. This idea has finally come to fruition and we are very excited to share it with you. Check out the new line now!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 4:03:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

Cassette Deck

Monday, February 4, 2019 4:31:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

New Models 2018

We are excited to announce a bunch of new models for you this year. We have 5 new models total, 3 high performance shortboards, and two small wave boards.

The B-Side

The B-Side is our most high performance shortboard in our line. It also has the deepest single concave, and most accelerated rocker of any performance board we have built. Designed with team rider Barron Mamiya, this board was developed for his need for an ultra high performance board he can ride in contests as well as back home in Hawaii. This board excels in performance driven waves like Lowers, the North Shore, or anything that calls for a blade to be ridden.

The Beer Fridge

The Beer Fridge is another new addition to our high performance line. This model is a mixture between our Flashpoint and R2 models. The Beer Fridge has a thicker nose and tail foil which makes it an easier riding shortboard. The Beer Fridge has a lower overall rocker which assists in paddling into flatter waves and has a subtle hip to narrow the outline through the tail. Equipped with six channels, this allows the board to have a substantial amount of drive on flat gutless waves while allowing the board to have bite when putting the board on rail. The Beer Fridge comes standard with a rounded squash tail and thruster fin setup.

The R2+

Due to the success of our R2, we decided to develop the R2+ based off team rider Barron Mamiya’s need for more rocker on his shortboard to surf in bigger, hollower waves as seen in his 2017 Triple Crown Rookie of the year campaign. The R2+ has 1/4” more nose and tail rocker making it excel in top to bottom hollow surf. The R2+ has a single concave like its predecessor, giving the board the maximum amount of drive. Ride the R2+ as a more performance everyday shortboard, or order it bigger as a step up in larger surf. We recommend a five fin setup for this model to allow you to ride as a thruster in performance conditions or as a quad when you need that extra speed boost in waves of consequence.

The Holiday

Our Holiday model is a new addition to our small wave selection. This fish was built to speed down the line yet has a refined foil for high performance top to bottom surfing. The Holiday has a double concave to a single rocket channel off the tail. This assists rolling the board over from rail to rail while giving it some bite so it doesn’t feel too loose. The Holiday has a mellow rocker, with a wider nose, and the midpoint forward making it an excellent paddler for surfers of all skill levels. This board can be ordered in a variety of fin setups. From a twin fin with a trailer, to a straight quad fin, or even a traditional high performance thruster. Order it your way.

The Minion

The Minion model was spawned from wanting to put an ultra easy small wave paddler into the Chemistry lineup. This model replaces your need for a longboard when the surf is sub par. The fuller round nose makes this board ultra friendly to the novice surfer, while still maintaining performance for the more advance surfer to “cheat” in small waves. The outline is pulled in towards the tail making this board easy to whip around, while the double barrel to vee gives it a pivot point to turn off of. We suggest you order this model 2-4” shorter than your normal shortboard. Equipped with a 5 fin set up, this gives you plenty of fin options to keep you in the water on the slow days.

Monday, February 5, 2018 12:04:04 PM America/Los_Angeles

Summer Mod

Our summer time model was built exactly what the name suggests, for summer. This model has a perfect blend of low entry rocker, and a wider overall outline to get you into waves that lack the juice winter time swells have. The bottom contour of the summer time model has a single concave to center hull channel out the back of the tail. This provides an incredible amount of drive when the waves tend to be on the slow and gutless side. The wider tail lends to a straighter outline giving this board a lot of down the line speed. Adding a 5 fin set up, the summer time can be ridden as either a quad or thruster depending on the users preference and the conditions it is ridden in.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 11:40:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Chem 70 LA

We are proud to announce the opening of Chemistry Surfboards x Piecelock70 Creative (Chem70) store opening in the South Bay of Los Angeles.Chem70 will have a stock of boards to choose from, and it will also be an ordering hub for your next Chemistry Surfboard. The opening was last friday 12/9, and we would like to thank everyone for coming out to support Chemistry’s opening in the South Bay. Here are a few photos form the night…

CHEM70 is located at..

24460 Hawthorne Blvd.Torrance, Ca. 90505

Monday, December 12, 2016 7:23:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

Surfline 44 Feature

“We took our Wide J 6 model and modified the double wings to slight double bumps, giving the board a more forgiving feel while keeping the desired straighter outline.The combination of the straighter outline and slight bumps create speed and control points to the wider tail, increasing maneuverability and stability. We kept a moderate/low rocker throughout the curve of the board for speed generation and paddle power. We removed the six channels of the Wide J 6 and went with four shallower channels off the tail — to keep the desired down-the-line speed and hold of a six-channel, while allowing it to be more forgiving in and out of maneuvers. This board is best ridden with a quad setup. This setup combined with the channels works seamlessly. 4 x 4 = Four Channels, Four Fins, For Fun.” –Jason Bennett

See the 4 x 4 model here!

Check the feature out HERE.

Thursday, November 17, 2016 7:49:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Fall is here

Fall is here and the doldrums of summer are finally behind us.Mornings are cooler, the air is a bit more crisp, and conditions and swells theoretically should only get better from here on out. Waves will have a bit more juice, and your quiver should change as the season does. We would like to recommend a few models to transition you into winter time mode which will come very quick.

1. Chem Zenagain – When your local beach starts looking more like a France beach break or somewhere in West Oz, this model will get you in early and under the ledge. The Chem Zenagain has a lot of forward volume which is a must when the wind is blowing offshore. A bit more nose and tail rocker allows this model to fit into the curve of the wave better while keeping the tail loose.

2. D3 – This performance Disk is a great board for punchier waves that Fall brings. More nose and tail rocker than our previous Disk 2 allows this board to be ridden in better waves. With more forward volume, this model is a great paddler and gets you into those heavier waves early. Equipped as a 5 fin set up, this board goes great as a quad fin when it’s tubing or a thruster when the waves are more rippable.

3. R2 – Our go to shortboards for all types of surf, this high performance shortboard is a great choice for any types of waves Fall brings. Order it with a normal squash, round, or even a swallow, this board goes great with most tails. A little bit thicker of a nose foil allows this shortboard to be a great paddler.

Our D3 Model

Stock D3 can be bought HERE

Our R2 Model

Stock R2 can be bought HERE

Our Chem Zenagain Model

Stock Chem Zenagain can be bought HERE

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 9:53:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

New Models 2016

We are proud to bring our customers 3 new models for 2016! These are 3 boards for a wide variety of waves. Lets check them out!

1. R2
The new R2 model has been ridden and tested by our entire team throughtout the year. From Blacks beach to the racetrack at Uluwatu, this board has been put through its paces. The R2 has a gradual nose and tail rocker as well as a slight single concave throughout the board. With this combination we found the board to be fast in slower surf yet holds in bigger conditions. The board has a thicker nose foil which assists in catching waves. The R2 has been proven to work consistently in all conditions whether you’re surfing a 2 foot beach break or an 8 foot reef.


2. Robotwo
For 2016, we wanted to offer our customers an alternative fish that has high performance characteristics to add to their quiver. The Robotwo is your go to fish when you are surfing below average waves, or waves that call for something other than your high performance shortboard. This fish has a single concave to deep double barrel concave all the way through the semi deep swallow tail. The tail also has a unique outline from 18” back which pulls the tail in, and creates a more aesthetically pleasing tail compared to your standard retro fish. Completed with a five fin set up, choose to ride your Robotwo as either a thruster, quad, or twin fin.


3. Chem Zenagain
The Chem Zenagain was spawned by the desire to take our Chem Zen model and give it a more shortboard feel outside of the tube. We left all the forward volume our original Chem Zen had in this model. With the Chem Zenagain we removed the retro beak, added more nose and tail rocker while widening the tail block. This allows the board to fit in the curve of the wave easier and keeps the tail loose. You can choose the Chem Zenagain with or without 4 channels. The 4 channels give the board a bit more bite on the wave, but not too much where you won’t be able to turn it. The Chem Zenagain is a modern version of a proven design that has been a staple in our line up since 2010.


Friday, January 1, 2016 7:45:00 PM America/Los_Angeles
57 items found
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