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New 2014 Models

Every year the process of filling voids in the board model lineup starts as early as New Years day. We build prototypes to be tested by ourselves, team riders, traveling pros, and loyal customers. We are proud to showcase what we came up with for everyone for 2014 and hope at some point this year one of these models gets a chance to fill a void in your quiver.

LIQUID SWORD – High Performance
The Liquid Sword is based off our most popular high performance model the Lights Out. We took the Lights Out model’s overall concept and modified it to perfection. First we relaxed the rocker of the entire board, by doing this we have found that the board gains speed easily while performing better in everyday surf. We also narrowed the nose width by 1/4″ compared to the Lights Out model. We recommend this model for waist high to overhead surf. With these minor adjustments and positive feedback from professionals throughout the year, we are proud to release this blade for the public to enjoy.

ZEPPELIN – Small Wave
With its original outline and unique look, the Zeppelin is our funnest model to date. Overall this board has the lowest rocker and widest nose in our lineup, which gives it a user-friendly feel. The Zeppelin paddles extremely well and turns on a dime with its deep double concave and diamond tail. If your looking for something to keep you in the lineup on small days and compete with all the over aggressive long boarders this board is your remedy. Works well in anything from 1 to 6 foot slower surf. When ordering the Zeppelin we recommend going 4″ to 6″ shorter than your normal board.

WIDE J 6 – Specialty
For the Wide J 6 we took our Wide 6 model and added a double wing squash to the tail. With the double wing we were able to keep the straight outline of the board and still pull in the last 12″ of the tail. The combination of these two attributes have worked really well together. The straight outline gives the board a tremendous amount of speed and the pulled in tail helps control that speed. We kept the overall rocker relatively close to the Wide 6 and left its signature deep 6 channels off the tail. We recommend you order this model 3″- 4″ shorter than your normal board.

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