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Blake and Gleason in Ecuador with ESM

Recently the Volcom East Coast team took a trip down to Ecuador with ESM. Chemistry/Volcom riders Blake Jones and Mike Gleason were a part of the cast that enjoyed chest to head high surf the whole trip. Blake claims that the country that is situated on the Earth’s equator is one of the best places he has ever visited and looks forward to a return trip.
From ESM:
Thousands of miles traveled. Hundreds of temptresses dodged. Dozens of surf spots scoured. Four teamriders. Three media persons. Two managers. One guide. Zero degrees latitude.
In six months, Eastern Surf Magazine will provide our own literary reflection on South American’s most under-appreciated surfing outpost, Ecuador, in our September World Travel print edition. But for now, we’ve allowed a Guayaquil hotel room to provide the backdrop, Pilsner to provide the creative stimulus (Red Bull for the grom), and Volcom’s East Coast surf team to provide the words in our first recounting of ESM’s Ecuadorian adventure.

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