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Cheyne Mags Ireland –

Cheyne Magnusson featured in’s introduction of Brent Bielmann to their staff of photographers. The 3 photos below are from Body Glove’s trip to Ireland this year. Great photos by a great guy. Congrats Surfing Mag! Check out the entire feature HERE.

“Brent Bielmann is almost like a unicorn. He’s that rare breed of surf photographer, the type that is crazy enough to put himself in places and situations where the other 99.9% wouldn’t dare. And that’s right in harms way — underneath the lip line at some of the world’s scariest, thickest and shallowest waves. Brent cut his teeth at TransWorld Surf for the last couple of years and now we’re really excited to welcome him into our family. While we’re just getting to know him, we’re finding that his personality is amazingly similar to his Uncle Brian Bielmann’s. Brent is one of the nicest, warmest and funniest 25-year-olds we’ve ever met and we’re really excited about adding him to our team of Duncan Macfarlane, Steve Sherman, Corey Wilson, DJ Struntz, Dr. Jimmicane and myself. Keep an eye out for his work in upcoming issues of SURFING magazine or look for that unicorn horn protruding from the water in the riskiest of positions in big surf. But for now, you can simply enjoy his Monday Photos.” —Pete Taras

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