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Cheyne Mags Japanese Adventure

Back in November I went to Japan for the second time in 2009. We were out there for a TV show called “Secret Spots†that Body Glove is helping to produce. Every time I go to Japan I come back more and more confused about their language and culture.

You would think it gets easier to understand each time you visit, but it doesnt. Just when you think you know a little bit of the language and understand a word you find out it has 5 different meanings and is also written 10 different ways in symbols, so I give up.

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Being in Japan is like waking up on a different planet where everything is new and confusing. Its also like being in a cartoon because people dress up like pokemons and pandas and walk around like its completely normal.


Once you step outside your hotel you cannot understand one word being spoken or read anything on a sign because its all in Japanese characters. Oh, and did I mention that most people dont speak English? They dont. So thats what its like everyday in Japan. You learn to get by with sign language and dumb luck. Its kind of fun though because it turns everyday activities like eating and finding a bathroom in to full blown adventures.

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