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Cheyne’s Cabo Surf Ride Trip

Here we go again. For those of you who dont know, Cabo San Lucas is a town that lies at the very end of the Baja peninsula that separates the Pacific Ocean from the sea of Cortez. Its known for its fishing, surfing, and girls gone wild style party scene. We were down there for two out of three of those attractions and it wasnt the girls, sorry girls.

Our squad consisted of the surfers: Justin Quirk, Chris Abad, film/photo guys, and myself: James Tull and Scott Smith. We were all down there trying to get some footage and photos for the surf shop “Surf Ride.†Now this wasnt anyones first rodeo down to Cabo. Justin grew up part time down there and his dad still lives there. So thats where we stayed. An oasis right next to pescadero beach on the pacific side of Cabo complete with pool, Jacuzzi, waterfall, guard dog, ping pong table, ultra-light plane, jet ski, a/c, internet, Justins dad, and skinemax. So we were pretty much dialed the whole time we were there. If you havent been to Cabo during the summer, dont go. Its about 100+ degrees on average and humid. The ocean was 85 degrees and not refreshing at all. When you can feel yourself sweating while surfing, you know its bad. The plus side of that warm water is that it brings in a lot of game fish from out at sea. So the first day the waves were small so we decided to go spear fishing. We were out for about a half hour when all of the sudden we started getting schooled by these red snapper. These things were suicidal or something because they were almost spearing themselves they were coming so close to me! So we had an epic dive and the kill count came out to 9 snappers and two lobsters. We went in and polished off that day with a couple pacificos and some snapper tacos! It doesnt get much better than that.

The next day the swell filled in and it was time to get some work done. The waves were about head high and rippable. We had the Jet Ski in full effect and everyone was launching some pretty massive airs. Everyone had an awesome time and we decided to celebrate with some bloody Marys. Now if youre ever in Cabo I really recommend checking out this spot, its called art & beer. They are famous for their bloodys. There is everything from scallops to salmon roe and even a couple clams in the thing! Its amazing, I like to consider myself somewhat of a bloody mary connoisseur, and these are some of the best. So after our siesta it was time to check out a secret spot only surfable with the Jet Ski. It ended up being one of the coolest sessions we had. This wave would break about five feet away from a sheer rock cliff and we would whip at it with the ski and do airs right next to it. It was pretty fun till we started getting stung by man-o-wars. Man-o-wars are little jellyfish like bubbles that have one long blue tentacle and hurt like hell if you touch it. These sometimes end up wrapping around your arm, leg, and sometimes up your shorts. I was fortunate enough on this trip to get one stuck on my face while diving the first day. Thanks man-o-war!!!

So after a couple days of serious shrallpage on the pacific side we decided to make the trek over to the eastern side of cabo. The swell was too big for where we were and that meant that one of my favorite waves on the east side would be pumping. That also meant that it would be about 10 degrees hotter as well! So we get over there and meet up with our friend Toby and his family and they set us up with a rad condo to stay in. It was right in front of a good surf spot and had a pool. There was only one problem, the a/c was broken. The first night was gnarly. I woke up so hot at one point I decided to take a cold shower. This did not go so well. The pipes that are UNDERGROUNDget so hot during the day down there that they dont cool down overnight, there is NO cold water. Its like that old got milk commercial where the guy dies and goes to heaven and hes eating all those chocolate chip cookies then goes to the fridge and its stocked with milk but they are all empty!!! It was fucked. So I would stand by the fridge and freezer with both of them open periodically. That kinda worked. Anyways the next day we surfed a sick little beach break called the estuary and it was fun. Kinda like blacks beach mixed with waimea shore break! I definitely ate crap a couple times because my reaction timing was off from lack of sleep! So that was fun and then it was time to eat. Now Im a big supporter of the when in Rome philosophy about eating food on my travels. So naturally I wanted to get some burritos or something. The only problem then is that most of the taco stands there are outside in a million degree heat! So we went to McDonalds for all our meals purely because they had a/c!! Pathetic, I know.

So the last wave we had to get was my favorite: shipwrecks. Its a well-known right hand point break and it has a mean air section on it. We pulled up and it was overhead with only two guys out and in a blink of an eye we were out there. The two guys bailed right after we paddled out so we were just doing circles catching a million waves till we were dead. It was super fun and when we came in some friendly mountain goats had decided to adopt us as their new owners. So we gave them some Tostitos and tried not to run them over on the way out. So that was it! The only thing left was to do the ceremonial pilgrimage to squid roe in downtown cabo and drink our faces off! So we did. Everyone drank a few too many jello shots and our filmer Scott is much too good looking and caught the eye of a young lady. So long story short: I go pass out in the car, Scott and his lady friend get in later and we begin driving home, the ladys girlfriend cant find her so she calls the cops and reports a kidnapping, we get pulled over, everyone including me and Justin get cuffed and thrown on the ground, the lady gets dropped off at her hotel, the cops wont let us go without getting money off us, me and Scott spend the night in Mexican jail while Justin gets money to get us out. Lame! So the moral of the story is: Man-o-wars and Mexican cops suck balls, but you gotta pay to play!!! Just another trip in the bag.

Look for webisodes for the video of this trip soon!


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