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Halibut, a Weird Note, and Legos

Hey so before all this chaos in So O (south oceanside) I went diving
right around the corner and got a pretty mean halibut. I thought it
might have been illegal (under 22 inches) but it ended up being 25
inches so thats rad. Its been awesome eating that guy, unreal fish

Before that I was in Washington for the holidays and when I
got back my roommate and fellow pro surfer Justin Quirk left me a
pretty awesome note. Just for the record our address is 1716, and our dogs name is Lucy…fantabulous.

As of recent the weather has been trying to cave everyones house in on their heads so to pass the time I bought a Star Wars Darth Vader TIE fighter set.

Just for the record, Legos are still as fun at 26 as they were at 12.



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