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Introducing MegaTron

Our newest model for the summer is here, the MegaTron. A direct spin off of David Barr’s Tron model, but geared for the more high performance surfer wanting to excel in tiny waves. DB slimmed out the profile to help the board fit in the pocket and kept the bump in the tail outline. He also made the tail of choice a swallow to help loosen up the design due to the overall volume.
The key component to the MegaTron’s design is that it has a concaved deck giving the rider a feel of being more connected to the water. That with the added maneuverability of a single to double concaved bottom which makes the MegaTron one of our most successful small waves boards to date. This model can be ordered quite a bit thinner due to its flatter deck and should be ordered 2″ – 4″ shorter than your standard shortboard and 1/2″ – 1″ wider.

Photos By Scott Seiver

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