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Machine vs Hand Shaping

I thought that this would be an appropriate post due to the fact that we are in the heat of summer and I’m in full blown production mode. I started my shaping career as an apprentice and hand shaping three boards a day. I would rough them out in the morning the do all my finish work after lunch. As the company grew over the past 8 years I have had to make the switch over mostly to the CNC machine to keep up with our growing surfboard numbers.

With the machine I’m able to bang out 6 -10 a day and keep the consistency at a very high level. I find with all the software and different machines out there we’re really able to fine tune our products and really push the limits of surfboard design. The one thing that I really miss is that self satisfaction of creating a product from start to finish by hand. If I had a choose one or the other, I would love to concentrate on one different type of surfboard design everyday and carve it out of foam with my planner and hand tools.

All of our models are well proven designs that have gone through numerous changes to be where they are today, but if you ever dream something up that we don’t already have in our line I would love to hand shape it for you.


Cheyne Mags blowing tail in Mexico on one of my hand shapes.

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