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Maryland to Nova Scotia in 6 Days

We recently did our annual jaunt up the US NorthEastern coast but decided to take a slightly different path. This time we started at our usual spot in Ocean City, Maryland and ended up in Nova Scotia. We had a couple demos along the way while visiting good friends and Chemistry family. Here is a collection of photos that were not on our daily Instagram updates (@chemartistry). Enjoy.

Thanks again to all made this short trip a memorable one. Ed Zito, Lee and the crew at Malibus, Kev Mo and the Heritage Crew, Brian Farias and the LBI police, Mike Gleason, Adam and Brian from BareWires Spring Lake, Stephen and Kenny at Inlet Outlet, Tricia and Naragansett Surf and Skate, Brian DeRosa, Logan Landry, Mike Bromley, The Bromleys (Doug and Deb, the nicest people on earth), Jason and Nathan from Kannon Beach and Entity, East Coast Lobster, Yuengling.

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