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New Models for 2015

This year we are proudly introducing 2 new models to our board lineup. We didn’t want to go overboard as the model lineup seems to be getting a bit crowded. Even though there are only 2 models dropping this year we are really excited about the 2 being released. We worked hard over the past 10 months developing these models and are looking forward to the years of feedback from everyone. For 2015 we are going for quality over quanity.
Chem Forever

Honey Dip
Extensive R&D went down in the creation of this model with our team riders to create a high performance shortboard that excels in just about every type of wave. The blind “taste test” went on for almost a year while we compiled feedback critical in the design of this model. The Honey Dip has a relaxed entry rocker with a single concave feeding into a deep vee off the tail. We widened the tail block ½” more than our standard shortboard models which helped create the straighter outline in the back half of the board for speed unlike any other shortboard we have designed. The tail also boasts an extreme hip creating a “sweet spot” for increased maneuverability without the loss of speed. Lastly, the fin cluster is pushed back because of the tail width and hip, enabling maximum control without the drifty feel usually associated with wider tail blocks and hips.

Disk 3
Based off of our popular Disk series and the success of our Disk 2 model, the D3 takes it to the next level. It is more high performance but loses no fun. We added more entry and tail rocker to the Disk 2 while slightly pulling in the nose and tail. The bottom contour is a deep double barrel concave feeding off the tail. This model works well as a quad or thruster so it is equipped with a 5 fin set up. The D3 model is the perfect board to cheat on while still being able to surf progressively in waves from knee to head high. The perfect everyday board when surfing below average waves is the norm.

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