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The Nubster Here To Stay

You can hate all you want but it has been well over a year since the Nubster’s coming out in one of Slater’s boards at the Quiksilver Pro, NY and they are still around. Whether you are putting a Nubster in a high performance surfboard like the 11 time world champ or stabilizing that wide tailed retro fish, it seems like the little red fins are here to stay.

Created by Sean Mattison, a former pro surfer and current professional surf coach. Some critics claim the fifth fin he calls the “nubster” helped Kelly Slater win his 11th ASP World Championship. Slater was seen in several events after NY with the Nubster and it looked to be doing what it’s supposed to do, provide pivot to quads. Slater can make anything work well though.

Quads have a tendency to go really fast due to the absence of a trailer fin but lack the pivot of a traditional thruster. The Nubster enables the best of both worlds by allowing the speed of a quad set up and the pivot of a thruster. Nubsters lack the drag of a traditional thruster center fin due to their depth and foil but when the board is put on a rail it becomes an effective pivot point.

We have tested the Nubster in a few of our models and have been really surprised how well it works is unison with a good quad set of fins. We have tried the Fiberglass Nubster Finger in our Beaker model due to the tight cluster of fins and the original sized Nubster in a Roboto model, which has a wider tail and needed a larger sized fin. After trying all the sizes it is great that there are now different sizes to accommodate different tail widths. The general rule that we came up with is wider the tail, larger the Nubster and the more clustered the fins, choose a smaller size Nubster. The “little red fins” definitely add a new dimension to the 5 fin set up.

We now offer every size and material Nubster in our online store.

Original Nubster Template Molded FCS

Original Nubster Template Molded Futures

Nubster Pivot Fiberglass FCS

Nubster Pivot Fiberglass Futures

Original Nubster Template Fiberglass FCS

Original Nubster Template Fiberglass Futures

Nubster Finger Fiberglass FCS

Nubster Finger Fiberglass Futures

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