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Pirates Of The Carribean

So the last trip I went on was pretty ridiculous. I know hard to believe right. Anyways, basically the set up is this: four pro surfers, three pro wake boarders, a boat and the Virgin Islands. It was awesome we tore that place up Im pretty sure they cant call them the “virgin†islands anymore…if ya get my drift.

Anyways, we spent everyday doing some sort of activity whether it was wakeboarding, scuba diving, free diving, rum and coke diving, surfing, jumping off stuff into the water etc… I think I actually lost a few lbs cause we were so active. I dont really want to go into too many specifics about where we were or how we got there because it is still very much un-crowded and I dont want to spoil it.

But I will say we had a great crew that consisted of myself, Benny “the tantrum†Bourgeois, Alex Grey, Alek Parker, Parks Bonifay, JD Webb, and Collin Harrington. It was an amazing trip definitely one of those “lifetime†trips and fuel TV is going to make a special about it and it airs on May 3rd! So set your DVR’s I think its called “Mission Fun.â€Â


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