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Surfline 44 Feature

“We took our Wide J 6 model and modified the double wings to slight double bumps, giving the board a more forgiving feel while keeping the desired straighter outline.The combination of the straighter outline and slight bumps create speed and control points to the wider tail, increasing maneuverability and stability. We kept a moderate/low rocker throughout the curve of the board for speed generation and paddle power. We removed the six channels of the Wide J 6 and went with four shallower channels off the tail — to keep the desired down-the-line speed and hold of a six-channel, while allowing it to be more forgiving in and out of maneuvers. This board is best ridden with a quad setup. This setup combined with the channels works seamlessly. 4 x 4 = Four Channels, Four Fins, For Fun.” –Jason Bennett

See the 4 x 4 model here!

Check the feature out HERE.

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