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Taylor Clark Winning On His Fresh Chems

Local Encinitas grom Taylor Clark has been on a tear lately and hasn’t stopped since we have started making him boards. His parents recently threw him in the car and took the little drive up north to Newport to compete in the VQS Starfish Series at River Jetties. It turned out to be a good call as he took down local favorite Kanoa Igarashi in the Grom division.

With wind and rain forcasted for the weekend, the VQS crew approached the River Jetties parking lot expecting the worst. Luckily for them, it was everything they expected and more. After finishing the early am set-up, it was time to get the 120 soaking wet competitors signed up and kick-off the last Starfish event of the season at River Jetties in Newport Beach. The day rolled along and as usual the Groms were covering themselves in flour and other fun grossness. Even though the less then perfect conditions made it challenging, the surfing was at an all time high and when the wind finally calmed down in the afternoon, there were even some lofty punts taking place.

Congrats to Taylor and we look to see a lot more from the kid in the future.

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