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The “Compression” Ready For Winter

New for winter 2011-2012. The Compression offers you the ability to ride a shorter more maneuverable board in bigger waves. With this model we added width in the nose and more forward volume to make up for the shorter length. We recommend going anywhere from 1 to 3 feet shorter than your typical gun while adding 1/2″ to the width and 1/2″ to the thickness. With the combination of a fuller nose, thicker volume flow, and a smooth entry rocker, this model will get you into almost anything the ocean has to offer. By going shorter, the Compression allows the surfer to maneuver his/her board unlike the big rhino chasers of the past which only allowed surfers to make a drop. We also recommend going with a four fin setup to offer the fastest possible fin setup. This will help in the tube, out run big sections, and maneuver the bigger board well.

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