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Vote For Cheyne!

The second wave of Innersection videos is here and Chemistry Team Rider, Cheyne Magnusson is in. Take time to check out his video submission and vote. He honestly has the most diversity in waves out of all the videos. You will be psyched! Vote here.

Hey guys and gal,

So my innersection video is up and ready to be voted on. For those of
you who don’t know what innersection it is pretty much the american
idol of surfing. If I get voted in to the top 5 I get a part in the
next taylor steele surf video which is huge. Soooo what I am asking
is if you guys could get EVERYONE at your respective offices to log in
and give me a high rating! I need to jump past four or five guys and
the voting is only open for one week! In order to vote you need to
become a member but its really easy. I was possibly hoping if you
guys could post a link or banner on your webpages that would help too!
In any case just please let everyone you can possibly know to go and
give me a high rating via email, word of mouth, facebook or whatever.
Here is a link to my video and the website. Please let me know if
there is anything else you need!


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