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Legend of the 40oz Dogz

The Legend Of The 40 Dogz (Short Film and Soundtrack) Sunday, October 8th, 2017, the boys set out for the Los Angeles airport after a year of planning. It had been an eventful day; Willie Smith's vintage Blazer, affectionately known as "The Hurricane Hunter", had broken down on the side of the 405 freeway as they rushed northbound from the Chemistry Surfboards factory in Oceanside for the flight. A dramatic roadside abandonment later, they traveled to LAX in an Uber crammed with 3 bags of hand-shape surfboards saved from the Highway & commandeered by a driver who (scout's honor) promised to go back and tow the aforementioned 4x4. Meanwhile Alex Newman, fresh in from Portland, traveled via cab to LAX with Thes One and massive amounts of studio gear in giant padded suitcases. Brendan Simmons was waiting for the crew in the SkyLounge after a 12 hour shift at Fox Sports. Casey Macker was boarding a flight from NYC en route to Dubai & Wyatt Fields left SFO on Emirates. The goal, the hope, was that they would find each other half way around the earth two days later, board the boat and pull off a very ambitious project. Set up a studio. Chase a swell. Film It. Make a Movie, make an album. Live the legend of the 40 Dogz deep in the Maldives. 10 life changing days were spent sailing through the Indian Ocean. The Legend Of The 40 Dogz Follow the boys in this 6 minute short as they sail the Maldives in a traditional teak cruiser making beats, surfing and living off the ocean in a quest to escape the madness of modern society. Part travel diary, part surf edit, Thes One cobbled together the photos and video to present a visually stunning short capturing the essence of the trip and set to the music that was made on the boat. Filmed, Edited and Mastered by : Christopher "Thes One" Portugal Additional footage, drone work : Brendan Simmons Music Score : Christopher "Thes One" Portugal, Alex Newman, Jason P. Bennett Surfboards handcrafted by Jason P Bennett for Chemistry Surfboards The 40Dogz are: Willie Smith, Jason P. Bennett, Casey Macker, Wyatt Fields, Alex Newman, Christopher "Thes One" Portugal & Nahshal "Nahu" Nasir Produced by Christopher "Thes One" Portugal for Pl70 Film The Legend Of The 40 Dogz Soundtrack The full 10 song soundtrack album of music made during the boat journey is available now on all platforms including Itunes, Spotify, Amazon & Google. Featuring the work of Christopher "Thes One" Portugal (People Under The Stairs), Alex Newman (Giant Panda), and Jason P Bennett (Big Block Silvers). Purchase the Soundtrack direct in it's original .WAV files and High Res, in-house converted MP3 Here Soundtrack on Itunes | Soundtrack on Itunes Streaming | Soundtrack on Spotify | Soundtrack on Amazon

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