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Bottom Curve

One of the most important areas in designing a board is the bottom rocker. You can compare rocker to an engine in a car. They help you gain speed, maneuver up and down , blow tail, do airs, etc. I’m always trying to perfect the bottom curve. There is a fine line of too much or not enough. All depending in what kind of waves the board was designed for will determine how much rocker is in the board. I use a few different tools to measure rocker, these tools help me match previous boards that worked well for the individual.

Measuring rocker on the magic board

Over the last 10 years we have seen rockers change from extreme nose and flip too a more smoother curve throughout the whole board. As surfing progress so does the equipment we ride. It will be interesting to see where we go next. All I know is when you get that magic board make sure it’s in one piece when you bring it in to get copy, so I can dial the bottom curve in for you.
Jason Bennett

Applying rocker that was measured

Rocker measurement and application complete

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