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Caroline Marks wins Surfing America Prime Event – Steamer Lane

12 year old Caroline Marks takes the win at her first event riding a Chemistry Surfboard. Despite her age, she was able to take home the win of the Under 18 division at the prestigious Surfing America Prime event. The conditions were 4 to 6 foot + rights winding into Point and The Slot with glassy, sunny conditions. Luckily iconic Steamer Lane showed everyone it’s beautiful side and gave the contestants something to work with.

Caroline came back from a disappointing Girls U16 to dominate the Girls U18 final with one of the highest heat totals of the event. Congrats Caroline!

Girls U18
1st – Caroline Marks – 16.60 – Melbourne Beach FL
2nd – Meah Collins – 10.94 – Costa Mesa
3rd – Ashley Held – 7.37 – Santa Cruz
4th – Samantha Sibley – 4.37 – San Clemente

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