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Cheyne Fiji Blog #3 One Massive Pirate Ship

One Massive Pirate Ship

So today we traveled from the south of Fiji to the north. We had to get up super early and we were still late as usual. I really enjoyed taking the little island hoppers because the view of Fiji from the sky is nothing less than breath taking. All the little islands and barrier reefs surrounding them make for a really entertaining flight! All I could think of was what was swimming around those reefs and if anyone had ever dove them.

When we touched down in Vanua Levu we were informed that our car ride to the Tui Tai would be about three hours. Six hours and about thirty farts later we pulled up to a little cove with a MASSIVE pirate ship anchored in it. I was freaking it was like seeing Captain Hooks ship from Peter Pan. We took the dingy out and were greeted by about fifteen crew members singing and handing us leis. The “boat†was more like a floating five-star resort complete with fully stocked bar and spa. So we all indulged in a few cocktails and talked about who was going to jump off the mast first and pulling a mutiny on board and just living on the boat. I cant believe how lucky I am to be able to come on these trips and today was just another reminder how blessed we all are.

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