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SF Road Trip Day 1

Not much going on today except a long tiring drive, good conversation, and a mini session in Half Moon Bay. The crew is small this year which includes Jason Bennett, Willie Smith, Thomas Clarke, photog expert Eric Warner, and amazing host Wyatt Fields. With the world tour in town there is plenty going on this week for festivities but we are mainly looking forward to the growing swell and great weather. We left Oceanside today at 8:30am after checking the Central Cal swell report and noticed nothing was going on, we decided to hit I5 and beeline straight to SF. Now we are settling in, talking shop, and ready for the rising swell tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates, photos, and video.

The Crew

Wyatt Slashing

Jason BlowTail

Sunset Lineup

Thomas AlleyOop

Little Wedges

Thomas Boosting

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